SEO VS Good Content

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IMG_0548This post has been slightly adapted from something we wrote recently for the SEO marketing wizards over at Master Google .
Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Webspam team, recently produced a video in which he discussed the value of content over search engine optimization. SEO  VS  Good Content 
In that video, he said that as a business owner, you can have great content on your site, but be completely lacking in good SEO , and still wind up with a site that ranks well on Google.
Ali Husayni, CEO of Master Google , agreed with that assessment, and so do we.SEO  VS  Good Content 
“By virtue of being great content, it will attract quality, inbound links,” Husayni said. “Sites that write great content on a regular basis attract visitors as well as Google spiders. SEO  VS  Good Content    
Google ranks old and new pages of these sites above their competitors, which should eliminate the need for anyone to even attempt black hat SEO  techniques.SEO  VS  Good Content                        
That is what Matt was getting at in his video. Just because someone is an SEO expert, it doesn’t mean they are good at creating great content. And even if you are the best at utilizing all the little  SEO tricks  of the trade that will make your site friendly for Google  spiders , that still has its limitations.
At the end of the day, a Google spider won’t buy your product or service. You need real people to visit your site. And once they get there, you must give them a reason to stay. You either need to provide something that helps them make a buying decision, or you need to have useful information that educates and informs.
That is where good content comes into play. Good content is original and relevant. Good content answers a question; meets a need; paints you as an expert in your field.SEO  VS  Good Content       
So while it’s no secret that we are huge believers in the power and benefits of SEO, we also are solidly behind Matt Cutts in his assessment of great content. SEO and content should compliment one another. 
“Great content also needs great SEO  to get ranked better,” Husayni says.
Understanding people’s interests plays hand-in-hand with writing great content. For example, if you are opening a massage therapy center, but you’re unaware of the most popular types of massage therapy, you will lose your business to your competitors who have a clue. SEO  VS  Good Content          
When you have lots of ideas for great content on your site, you need to be diligent in posting it to your website frequently. Google  loves websites that add new, useful information often. This tends to be where many of our clients stumble. Sometimes they struggle to come up with good ideas. Other times, they have ideas, but lack the time to write the content.SEO  VS  Good Content                                                                

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