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154. a. getting
b. gotten
c. got
d. get

155.a. stricked
b. striking
c. strike
d. struck

156.a. sheking
b. to shake
c. shaken
d. a and b are correct

157.a. was
b. were
c. is
d. had been

158. a. through
b. over
c. on
d. in

159. All of my time ….in the library
a. has spending
b. is spent
c. are spent
d. spending

160. “Tokyo is crowded and noisy just like New York.”
The same structure with the sentence above is …
a. Tokyo is crowded and noisy just us New York is.
b. Tokyo is crowded and noisy alike New York
c. Tokyo is crowded and noisy just us New York
d. Tokyo is crowded and noisy as New York

161. I started school when I was five years old. I …a student for seventeen years now.
a. am to be
b. am
c. am being
d. have been

162. I was scared, ……I was also curious about the old lady.
a. yet
b. but
c. instead
d. and

163. Because the river ….steadily since Sunday, the residents of the area have been advised to prepare for flood conditions.
a. has been ris
b. rose
c. had risen
is rising

164. The best diamonds are transparent and colorless, but they actually … color from clear to black,
a. have been ranging
b. range
c. are ranging
d. ranged

165. …..certain molds and fungi to multiply very rapidly
a. Tripical weather causes
b. A tropical weather causes
c. Tropical weather causes
d. The tropical weather causes

166. No one knowa where Tony is living now. The last time that I ran ….was about four years ago.
a. into him
b. him down
c. down him
d. him into

167. It is generally considered unwise to give a child …he or she wants.
a. whatever that
b. whatever is it
c. whatever
d. that

168 Response : I used to, but I resigned my membership
a. wouldn’t you have belonged to the English club ?
b. Didn’t you use to belong to the English Club ?
c. Wouldn’t you belong to the English club /
d. Won’t you belong to the English club ?

169. The proposal ….discussed when I called the office this morning
a. been
b. being
c. have been
d. was being

170. Armansyah seems …the point you were making.
a. misunderstanding
b. having misunderstood
c. to have misunderstood
d. misunderstood

171. Not only ……a good thing : he did the right thing
a. will sam do
b. Sam did
c. Sam do
d. Did Sam do

172. Soekarno, … of the strongest Indonesian President, served from 1945 to 1965.
a. considering
b. considered
c. is considered
d was considered

173. In the view of the STAN lecturers’union, it is essential that discipline …..maintained in the classroom.
a. is to be
b. is
c. was
d. be

174. Ditto …Indonesia before he came to Jakarta to study in the international student program.
a. had never visited
b. has never visited
c. never visited
d. would never visited

175. Thomas Alfa Edison invented …..
a. the electric lights
b. an electric light
c. electric light
d. electric lights


176. When a bone is broke into several pieces,
doctors my pin the pieces together for proper
177. I have spent three weeks in Germany last July.
178. The Hammerhead shark is usual found in warm A B
temperate waters
179. We would spend a week on the beach at parang
teritis, but we changed our minds
180. As one climbs high up a mountain, the air
becomes both colder or thinner

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